“Flesh and Blood is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep the reader engaged in the book right to the very end." - Readersfavorite.com

Victoria Clark, a frightened unwed teenager, gives birth to a baby girl only to have her religiously fanatical mother steal the child. Almost twenty-nine years later, Victoria, now a successful defense attorney with a demanding career, is still haunted by her loss. When her father passes away, she finds the first clues that could lead her to her daughter.

Marilyn Jameson thought she had it all until her husband, Richard, a well-respected judge, is murdered and a fateful decision they both made long ago comes back to haunt her.

Young Assistant State Attorney Macy Ross is recovering from the death of her mother and the end of a relationship with only man she’s ever loved. When a man who is like an uncle to her is murdered, she’ll learn secrets about her own family that will shake her foundation to the core and put her and those she loves in the killer’s sights.
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